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About Speed Shield

Professional, consistent & environmentally friendly

We have over 10 Years of experience with wrapping ships and boats as well as hundreds of satisfied customers, their boats, Yachts and ships are now free of toxic antifouling paint.

Thats what our customers say

Kundenrezession Speed Shield Anti Fouling Folie

When i was a kid, I saw the paint fall into the sea over and over while diving and that bothered me a lot. On my first boat, I also save fuel constantly

Alvaro R. Corunna
Lasse K.

At first we were skeptical whether the film would actually stick. Now I don't want anything else, because our ships no longer have to get out of the water every year.

Lasse K. Stockholm
Captain Nils J.

As a captain, quality is very important to me and this is what I get for my ship at Speed ​​Shield. The alternative to color is significantly better and we have fuel savings of up to 60%.

Captain Nils J. Hamburg

This film is the only true protection for ships and the oceans. Furthermore, the great product saves us a lot of time and fuel. As a further side effect, we were also able to adapt the fonts on our ships. Thanks to the Speed Shield team

Capt. Winston B. Felixstowe, United Kingdom